Are We Ready?

Are We Ready?

By Dying Matters

Are we ready? 
Ready? Well, ready for what?
Are we ready to die? 
Well, probably not

But what would it take 
To look death in the face?
And say, yes, we're ready;
Let's get out of this place

Are we ready? Are we?
To do what we can
To give aid to the grieving
Child, woman and man

But what could we do
To help others prepare
And others to cope.
Are we ready to care?

Are we ready? How ready?
Or a little bit scared
Of talking about it
And being prepared?

But what would we need 
To know that it's done
To get on with living
And having some fun

Are we ready? Us, ready?
We can be, it's true
We're in this together
Ready me, ready you