In support of 'Dying Matters' and 'Mental Health Awareness', we're hosting events throughout the week of the 13th to the 17th May. This page contains details about all of the events taking place during the week. For more information about these events, please contact us.

Wednesday 15th

Let's Talk About Loss Seminar

15th May | The STEM Centre | 10am to 3pm

Beth Rowland - Keynote Speaker

A thought provoking seminar on death, dying, grief and loss. The event will begin with a keynote speech from Beth Rowland, founder of the website Let’s Talk About Loss: the UK's first support network for bereaved young people, aged 16 to 30. Shortly after the death of her mother, Beth launched the website to provide online advice and support to young people struggling with grief and poor mental health. Let's Talk About Loss provides a safe space for young people to talk about the taboos associated with the loss of a loved one. Read Beth's story.

The keynote presentation will be followed by tabletop discussions facilitated by staff from the School of Health and Social Care.

Schwartz Round - 'Let's Talk About Loss'

The conference will continue with an hour-long Schwartz Round. A Schwartz Round is a group reflective discussion which provides an opportunity for people to explore the emotional aspects of their work and life. More information about Schwartz Rounds can be found at Point of Care Foundation.

Although the seminar is free, you must book a ticket on Eventbrite to attend. Places are limited to 50 attendees. Book now to avoid disappointment!

Open forum

The day will finish with an open forum to discuss anything related to death, dying, grief and loss. The afternoon session will begin directly after the Schwartz Round at 1.30pm.

Thursday 16th

Noli Timere Messorem

16th May | Colchester Campus | From 10am

A pop-up display and free magic performance in the Albert Sloman Library. Decide the fate of a member of the royal court. Travel back in time to medieval England during the first outbreak of the Black Plague. Play a game of life and death with the Grim Reaper if you dare!

Performances will take place throughout the day on the ground floor of the Albert Sloman Library.

Friday 17th

Death & Dying: Beliefs & Traditions across Religions & Cultures

17th May | The Hex | 10am to 12noon

A two-hour event focusing on the different beliefs and traditions related to death. This event will include several short talks. There will also be an opportunity to discuss the cultural and religious aspects of death and dying in a safe and supportive space. No need to book, just come along to The Hex on the day.

Grandma on the Moon

17th May | Lakeside Theatre | 2pm to 3.15pm

A free performance of Grandma on the Moon by the AZ2B Theatre Company.

Grandma on the Moon is a high quality piece of theatre which explores the bereavement process from the perspective of a young child. Children grieve differently to adults which can often lead to misunderstandings and confusion. The show raises awareness of different support strategies to help manage conflicting emotions.

The performance encourages us to have open, honest conversations around death and dying. It highlights the impact of memories and the importance of keeping those we have loved alive within our hearts and minds, even thought they are no longer with us.

Although the performance is free, you must book a ticket on Eventbrite to attend.